Feng Shui Interior Design Tips 3: For Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Over one third of our lives are spent in the bedroom and that should be reason enough to want to use the Feng shui system that can bring aesthetic appeal to your overall health and mood. It is a room that should be designed for retreat, regeneration and serenity. If your bedroom offers little of this appeal, perhaps it's time to get creative with Feng shui. The colour of the walls in a Feng shui bedroom should be light blue, light green, peach or, believe it or not, pink. Blues and greens represent a positive mood, peach stands for attraction and love while pink offers feelings of joy, happiness and romance.

Dark coloured duvet cover sets can bring about a heavy feeling but by going with the colour of falling leaves, a stable, enchanted mood can take hold. Matching light coloured super king size bedding or standard bedding sets and sheets are recommended but never use white. White sheets represent burial of the dead in Chinese tradition. The placement of the bed is the most part in circulating the life energy in Feng shui. It should be in a commanding position but never in a straight line with the door.

This interrupts the incoming chi and can cause health problems in feet and legs. It is okay to place under a window or even triangular from a corner or the headboard against one of the walls. Always have a sturdy headboard and have the bed elevated with legs so the chi can circulate. Never keep anything metal or books and papers under the bed that will affect a good night's sleep with the interruption of clutter. Mirrors are thought to represent happiness and fortune. Use a large round mirror above the headboard or directly across the room from your bed. You can also use a smaller mirror on either side but don't get carried away with mirrors everywhere.

Pairs of lamps, candlesticks or pictures will bring a sense of balance to the room by evening out the space. If you find yourself collecting too much clutter, move in a small dresser where all of your items will not be sitting out. Clean lines are in order for the proper energy flow. Use soft decorative items of wood, candles or crystal to add a touch of harmony in your bedroom but avoid electrical products like electric blankets, computers and TVs. If you have little room and have to house your computer in the bedroom, close it off in a cabinet or armoire. Stay away from fountains, pictures of waterfalls, anything that has to do with water in this one particular room. Plants are a great idea for bringing life and filtered air into the room.

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