Feng Shui Interior Design Tips 2: For Nurseries

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Expecting a new baby can be an exciting time and planning the nursery is the best part. Choosing the perfect colours in pink or blue, cute nursery rhyme accessories and frilly curtains immediately come to mind. However, when selecting Feng shui for your home, what was once appealing may no longer be the best approach for creating positive energy. If you have been busy creating a Feng shui atmosphere in your home, don't stop with the nursery.

Your newborn will be much more contented, peaceful and cheerful when surrounded with the aura of Qi and a balanced atmosphere of soothing comfort. Location is the first objective to consider. The front of your house will most likely be filled with Yang, or the acting part of energy. Activities and movement are prominent in living rooms, dens and other rooms close to the front of the house. Yin is found deeper inside the rooms and this is the perfect spot for a nursery.

Balanced lighting is something that few nurseries have but need. Babies do not enjoy darkness any more that grown-ups do. Allow sunshine to stream into the room but also have other means of natural occurring light in opposite corners. A perfect choice is a Himalayan Salt Rock lamp that brings shades of peach, orange and pink into the space while removing pollutants and adding chi. Choose soft billowing sheers pencil pleat curtains that appear to float which can been coordinated with children's duvet cover sets or nursery bedding sets in soft gentle natural colours.

Colours for your nursery should not be bright but soft and reminiscent of the outdoors. A sandy-pink, pale blue skies or frothy foam green are natural and relaxing yet rejuvenating at the same time. Place subtle shadows of animals, stars or clouds around the top or middle of the walls to bring presence without startling and remember to use paint that is no or low VOC so chemical smells do not filter through. Placement of furniture is very important in keeping the life force in full motion.

Never place the bed along the same wall that the door is located on or align with the door. If you wish to place the bed against a wall, position it head first and not vertical or long way. Keep away from electrical outlets that can interfere with magnetic flow. Make sure the door is allowed to open a full 90 degrees without being stopped by furniture or clothes. Keep your child in a pleasant environment and they will learn the value of love, serenity and feeling safe and protected at a very early age.

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