No longer is it fashionable to have clean cut minimalist homes of symmetry, repetition and cool colours.  Instead we have seen the welcomed return of texture, colour and pattern inspired from the past, nature, fashion and around the world.  The new choice of rich, bold and gentle colours and styles enables us to be much more expressive and experimental with our interior design trying to create strong, emotive and powerful rooms.  Consequently, this article takes you through some simple ways to try and bring back some girly romance in to your home.

A romantic finish is not created by having pictures and statues of hearts, Romeo & Juliet and Cupid around your home and instead is created in a much more subtle way.  A romantic feel is soft, feminine and tactile created by layering fabrics, soft colours, texture and long flowing lines.

To create this look in a bedroom either buy or create a mock four poster bed draping plain voile around the bed and allow to pool slightly on the floor.  Add to this crisp white bedding and use scatter cushions in white silk, floral patterns, cottons and linens.  If you are brave keep the colour scheme to just white and instead provide interest using texture.  This will create a very gentle look and enhance that sumptuous, romantic feel.

Voile and soft furnishings can also be used to dress windows in many other rooms such as bathrooms and dining rooms to again create a romantic look.  Keep the curtain long and flowing yet simple and allow to pool on the floor if practical.  Add candles or fairy lights by the bath, in small nooks, on shelves, by the fireplace or as a centre piece on the dining table.  Cover dining chairs in a neutral or white fitted cover and tie a large bow around the back of the chair in a coordinating cotton, silk or voile.

Alongside your soft furnishings your furniture can also help contribute to a romantic look.  Try and choose elegant French style furniture in white, light beech or oak colours or worn down pastel tones.  Consider stencilling or distressing the furniture further for a more rustic and natural look.  For a slightly more contemporary look you could also introduce mirrored furniture in more angular shapes as the soft colour and glitzy look should maintain a feminine feel.

As final touches why not add a pile of romantic novels on to a coffee table, hang a beautiful chandelier, tall elegant table lamps and small glass ornaments.  Flowers, real or fake, will help give them room some life and are also an ideal way to introduce a statement colour if preferred.  For a bolder statement you could also consider painting or stencilling famous quotes to do with love and romance in a soft barely contrasting colour randomly over the walls.

A romantic feel is soft and feminine yet easy to do.  Think less is more and think comfort, sumptuous and relaxation.  The finished look will be timeless, welcoming and peaceful for you and your guests to enjoy. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"]Use soft colours, sumptous textures and layers to create an elegant romantic look Use soft colours, sumptous textures and layers to create an elegant romantic look[/caption]

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