Feather bed vs pillow top: the 8 factors to keep in mind

Everyone wants to sleep in comfort however sometimes even a standard mattress isn’t able to fulfil our sleeping needs as well as we’d hoped causing us unnecessary discomfort throughout the night. However there are ways in which you can better your sleeping experience either through the use of a feather bed topper or pillow top mattress. It can be a bit baffling when you’re left with the decision of which one to buy, so to help here are eight helpful points to keep in mind when making your decision between the two. Packaged fleecy under blanket
  1. Research before you invest: Firstly it pays to do your research and understand what you’re looking to buy; a “pillow top” for example is an added cushion padding that is securely attached to the top layer of a new mattress. A feather bed is a quality feather filled mattress topper that can be placed directly on top of an existing mattress. By doing research you then have a better understanding of which product’s ideal for you.
  2. Setting a budget: Set yourself a budget you wish to spend or if you already have an ideal budget in mind this will help you choose between which type and quality of product you can affordably buy.
  3. Your sleep needs: Keep in mind the sleep needs of both yourself and your partner taking into account whether you suffer from back problems, bodily ache and more. If this is the case you may require the support that a pillow top may offer over a feather topper, by taking this into account it will help you find a product to suit your needs.
  4. Allergy sufferers: If you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer ensuring a specific bed product is good for your health is going to be a key interest. If this is a concern for you then a feather based topper for example may not be ideal due to potential dust particles remaining in the feathers and such that may trigger these allergies.
  5. Preferences in firmness: Often the positions your body sleeps in whether on your stomach, back or side benefit from certain firmnesses in mattress. A pillow top provides support to all pressure points in your body, where as a feather topper will create more of a softness as you sleep so consider whether changes in your mattresses firmness is right or wrong for you.Mattress comfort topper
  6. Restless sleepers: For those restless sleepers during the night the use of a feather topper maybe good for you as it can help to reduce movement as you sleep making for a less disrupted peaceful night’s sleep.
  7. Know what you’re buying: It pays to know what you’re buying beforehand to prevent any disappointment, so ideally visit a in store bed specialist to try or view the product before you buy.
  8. Lasting investment: Last but not least consider how you can condition and care for your pillow top mattress or topper to make it a lengthy worthwhile lasting investment.

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