Nothing ever really goes out of style; it merely stops being the fashion. That is until it is rediscovered, dusted off and introduced again years later with a modern twist. Nothing could demonstrate this quite like interior trends, and in this case the Fashionable 40s.

Although half of this decade was disturbed by war time, there are many appealing aspects of the 1940s home that people are rediscovering today. The style was influenced by restrictions of war and progressiveness of the era, new materials were being developed and timesaving technological appliances started to become mass produced. This resulted in a practical, functional, fashionable and fun environment. Recreating a funky retro 1940s interior is relatively easy to achieve and can be simply combined with your homes modern features.

The kitchen, for example, was the hub of the home, welcoming and friendly. Popular colours of the time were red and white theme, dark greens, and air force blue. By choosing one of these colours to use as a feature wall while keeping the rest of the kitchen neutral, you can accessorise to complete the look by adding colourful vintage linens such as ginghams and checks to use as table cloths, tea-towels or curtains. In fact any colourful Wholesale Fabrics that match the theme would do.

Painted kitchen cabinets were also very popular at the time, which is great these days for giving your kitchen a new life without having to replace the units therefore keeping the costs down. To your cabinets add glass knobs or cheaper acrylic versions and adorn your work surfaces with antique breadboxes and canisters in bright enamel colours. If you are unable to find antiques then use new appliances that have been influenced by the 40’s style and have that retro look, there are many options available these days from coffee machines to novelty toasters, plus modern chrome and steel pieces mix very well into a 40’s kitchen.

Authentic kitchen furniture demonstrates how mass production was beginning to take hold at this time, with the inclusion of a table and chair set with a dinette theme, chrome legs, brightly coloured seats and an enamel table top. To complete the look, purchase 1940s era posters and frame them for your walls. Retro kitchens are unique and individual and will be a conversation point for any visitors.

To recreate some 40s glamour throughout the rest of your home you should begin with a pale palette, lots of creams and light shades of green were used throughout the living rooms and the bedrooms. Adding to this furniture, the style common in that decade was very much Art Deco that had continued through from the 30’s. Large solid wardrobes, dressing tables complete with mirrors, side units made from oak, cedar and mahogany. The pieces you should try and find should have stripped down forms, using geometric shapes, parallel lines, zigzags and abstract floral motifs. They tend to be dark, grand and imposing which is why it is best to use with a neutral colour scheme and compliment using mirrors with art deco frames and chrome stand 40’s inspired Table lamps. Living rooms could also contain your television in large mahogany cabinet as a dominant feature and novel look of the past.

Whenever your recreating a past theme it’s important to enhance the eclectic look as you’re never going to achieve exactly what it was then. Priorities and functions of today’s life style is different than it was, so just experiment with the 40’s theme and have fun.