Fabulous storage ideas for women

You can never have enough storage and when it comes to storing all the things us girls have you need to come up with some fabulous places to keep them neat, tidy and close to hand!

You don't need an actual wardrobe to store your clothes, shoes and handbags. Neatly arranged using simple hanging rails and wire baskets, mask the entire ensemble out of sight behind a curtain.

Beautiful walk in closet with fancy mannequin


If you have the space a walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate way to store your belongings.

Girl shoes stored on a wall by slotting the heals behind a bar

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Make a wall display of your shoes! They'll be close to hand and brighten a plain wall to-boot!

Different hand and storage bags hung from a pole on a wall


Ever wondered how to store papers and important bits-and-pieces? Use old school style satchels suspended from belts or strong fabric strips and hang them from a pole. Your documents will be safe and stylish!

A blue metal bucket used a storage at the side of a bed

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Suspend an old bucket from a wall hook to neatly store magazines and newspapers.

A large log pile surrounding wooden storage boxes, against a white wall


An ingenious way to store scarves, wraps and throws using a feature log pile.

Wooden chopping boards with hooks, painted white and used to store jewellery

Oscars Boutique

Old chopping boards (sanded down) make great places to store and display jewellery.

Industrial metal pipe meandering against a wall and used to store shoes and books


Bent pipework makes a great shelving unit!

Grey bedroom with large cylinders stacked into a pyramid for extra storage

Trying to Balance The Madness

Wooden barrel style hat boxes turned on their side can be stack to make a trendy place to store all manner of essentials!

Two spools of string on top of each, with broaches stuck into them


Use spools of crochet thread to safely store and display brooches and/or earrings.

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