Fabulous ideas for keeping the kids entertained during the holidays

Don't let the Summer holidays fill you with dread, we've some fabulous ideas for keeping your kids entertained even if the weather is bad or you don't have a garden space where they can play.

Kids play tent and fairy lights with the roof held up by a rope attached to ceiling beam

The Tunbridge Wells

Play tents are always a good idea any time of the year. Make them yourself from curtains and lengths of fabric and you'll be able to customise them to suit the likes of your child.

Cream and natural wood kids room with indoor climbing frame and firemans pole


Kids of all ages love to climb and rather than have them clambering all over your furniture give them their own climbing space.

Inflatable paddling pool filled with ball pit balls

Thrive 360 degree

Quick, easy and relatively inexpensive, make a ball pool using an inflatable paddling pool for toddlers and you'll be able to place it any where in the home where you can keep a watchful eye.

Transform you stairs into a slide using an ingenious stair-slide kit. It's robust and will keep the kids entertained for hours – you might get to have a go too!

Splodges of colour on white paper, decorated with googly eyes

Drawing for Kids Painting is always fun – make it a little different by giving your kids a theme or idea on which to focus. These hand-prints are easy and a great way for kids to make wall-art for their bedroom.

Green glass bottle with black pipe cleaners and cupcake cases used to make pretend flowers

Pop Sugar

Fancy making cup-cakes but don't want to eat them? These cute cup-cake flowers will look stunning on any kitchen r dining room table.

Play room with climbing frame wall, basket ball hoop and play golf set

The Fair Verona

A bespoke activity playroom may be out of your budget, but you can add various activities according to available space. All bedrooms have walls so why not use them as a climbing wall? Great idea for older children, and it'll keep them fit as well.

Indoor gardening is perfect for kids of all ages; if you grown cress rather than grass they'll be able to eat the fruits of their labour too.

A young girl wearing an apron placing smarties on a cupcake

Activity Hero

Get the kids into the kitchen and baking. Cup-cakes are ideal for home baking – use PVC or oilcloth fabric table cloths to help protect your table.

Four children jumping on a bed dressed as pirates

Make & Takes

Be pirates for a day. It may need a little organisation on your part, but the lack of whining will be well worth your effort.

Two young girls in a living space with indoor swings suspended from the ceiling

Rafa Kids

If you've enough space indoor swings are great for older children who don't want to go out in the garden to play – being indoors somehow makes swinging seem more grown-up! The inside of a small retail shop, with large store front window, mostly empty but with a small child at the front of the shop


Weather stopping your kids from going outside to play? No worries, bring outside inside with a nature inspired room.

Young boy playing hopscotch using masking tape on a carpet

What To Expect

Use masking tape to make a hop-scotch play area in your hallway.

A blanket draped over two chairs to create a kids den tent, with two kids reading underneath

Healthy Gallatin

Play tents don't have to be brought ready made – chairs and old quilt cover or blanket and some floor cushions will do the trick just as well.

Two wooden beams on a wall with a row of clips on each, for clipping childrens artwork to the wall

Architecture Art Designs

You'll need a place to display all the masterpieces your child makes during the holidays. This fabulous idea will save your fridge from being plastered with the latest works of art!

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