A part of me is sad that this series is coming to an end; but then I am quite excited to reveal our final film - The Godfather! Nothing quite like going out with a bang; it is a classic, it is loved by all generations and most importantly - it gives us a great peek into rural Sicilian life and home décor; those crumbling mansions, wrought iron gates and alfresco dining is a true picture of rustic Mediterranean homes (although we can't all have mansions). Get the look with our decorating suggestions for some Italian flavour today! · We have to start with an idea that takes us out on the terrace (just think how far in advance you will be for next summer!) Decorating in a specific style is not only about good looks, but it is about the lifestyle too. In this case, it is a laid-back Italian lifestyle where families and friends spend long days entertaining on the terrace with a bottle of wine and home-made Tiramisu. The alfresco look can be achieved with a long wooden or wrought iron table and slightly worn chairs to match. Dress the table in a simple white runner or one with a delicate floral print. · Use cheap cushion covers with subtle colours such as blue and white or touches of green. Do accentuate the look by placing arrangements of green bottles/vases on the table and antique pitchers. When using flowers, make sure you capture the Med with lavender or orchids. · Indoors, you can do a lot in the way of rural Mediterranean looks by simply choosing the right colour palette. Take the bathroom for example, with a slight contemporary twist; this could include painting the walls in a mustard yellow, then bringing an orange red and green to window treatments, bath mats and towels. Keep it in theme by having original dark wooden floorboards and perhaps an accent chair in wrought iron. · Wooden shutters were and still are a common feature of the laid-back Mediterranean home - a feature that we find unique and highly charming. You could use wooden shutters on your own home - but be weary about them looking out of place with modern architectural styles; you could possibly pull it off in a cottage or rural home. The alternative would be to use wooden Venetian blinds at the windows - they will look nice from the outside too. · If it the other side of the Corleone's that inspires you then choose richer, darker colours and more luxurious fabrics such as a beautiful black duvet cover and black bedsheets or lounge furniture upholstered in leather. Large area rugs with an antique look will bring bonus points.

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