I couldn't help myself from using the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox in our series on film decorating inspiration - you might need a good imagination for this and the ability to interpret; but I think that you will soon unearth the decorating styles found within the film. To give you a hint at what I am talking about - the emphasis on comfort, the strong connection with natural materials, a warm and earthy colour palette and an old rustic charm. You could probably combine those elements to point at a typical farmhouse décor that works great with an English country style of decorating. Start digging now! · The thing that appeals most to me about the living quarters of the cunning Mr. Fox and family, is the cosiness - despite being down a burrowed hole with little to no natural light, they have still managed to create a home that is humble and cosy. A home that is great for families may I add. This is definitely a home where the family eats together around a large wooden table; this could be your starting point to giving your home some rustic charm. · Take one large and chunky farmhouse table; either leave it in its natural state or paint it in a colour such as moss green before sanding it down for a distressed look. Give chairs a similar finish and upholster them with a blue and white check fabric. Original wooden floorboards would be a bonus or choose a chequerboard tile for the kitchen/dining room. · Colour choices are of interest too and the overall feel was achieved through warm neutrals and autumn colours such as red, orange, yellow and faded greens. Think about using textiles or wall paint in these colours and look for botanical prints for bedding and curtain sets. There is a lot of emphasis on nature and you can use this through decorating with natural materials such as wooden Venetian blinds, aluminium candle holders and a stone basin for the bathroom. · Mrs. Felicity Fox certainly seems the type to create her own soft furnishings - patchwork duvet cover and crochet knit throws for the sofa. You could cheat and buy these ready made or search curtain fabrics online and take on a project such as making Roman blinds or cushion covers.

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