The Darjeeling Limited came out on the big screen just a few years ago and one I hold dearly in my DVD collection - perhaps for the love of Adrian Brody, perhaps for the sophisticated humour - but definitely for the visual pleasure of three brothers travelling through India on a spiritual journey. All those colours, the cool ethnic vibe and the quirkiness of places visited and people met. All in all it is a great and non-too-complicated film that I recommend you watch and find inspiration for your home decorating - laid-back ethnic style! · The colours used for Indian décor are not for the faint-hearted! Generally, you will need to use some brights when decorating in this style - whether you wish to implement them throughout or pick them up with focal features such as a brilliant turquoise for window treatments or spicy reds and oranges together in a patterned floor rug. The colours are given more dominance with gold accents and embroidery. It would be a suggestion that you browse textiles first and centre the rest of the décor around them. Furthermore, colours tend to be layered in harmony so different shades of one colour are often seen together - think of a vibrant green for curtains and then lighter shades brought into sofa cushions or vases. · You can probably picture the form of some Indian furniture and woodwork - it tends to be elaborately styled and featuring shapes such as arches or lattice effect. Dark wood is the preferred choice for Indian décor or the use of cane/bamboo in seating or storage baskets. You might wish to hold onto your existing furniture, so look for these shapes in mirrors and picture frames or create a new bed-head with an arch and dress it with silk curtain fabric. · Most people who have watched The Darjeeling Limited will have seen the type of fabrics and textiles that are popular in India - for most of you it will be this element that sends you weak at the knees! On decorating in this style, you will probably discover a lifelong affair with Indian style fabrics - alpaca, cashmere, mohair, silk, jute and sisal; having been dyed, embroidered and displaying gorgeous motifs of flowers, paisley prints and wildlife. It would be a dream come true to travel through India and pick up various fabrics for the home; for a cheaper alternative you could look for curtain fabrics online that have bright colours or bedding sets with Indian style motifs that will help you get started; a set of lined voile curtains will also achieve the desired look. · When looking for accent pieces and decorative elements for the Indian themed home, wooden partition screens are a good choice - not only for their visual but as a functional piece to divide space in a room. They can offer privacy in a shared bedroom or simply break an open plan up into smaller areas. We couldn't forget the carved statues of elephants, the metallic bowels filled with fragrant flowers, a collection of vintage suitcases and a bamboo serving tray with a vintage teapot.