Fabulous colour combinations for kids

Kids love bright colours, you'll find they not only look stylish you can choose colour combinations that buck the trend, resulting in amazing décor kids will adore. Be inspired and transform your kids' room into a place that's packed full of colour. Love To Dance Quote On Girls Bedroom Wall

Design Dazzle

Bright colours look fantastic in children's bedrooms. Go for sherbet colour shades as they remain on-trend throughout the year. A Rainbow Of Bright Nursery Walls


Citrus colours add instant vitality to a room, they tone beautifully with fresh whites and turquoises, and are a refreshing colour choice for the nursery.

Lime and orange are fabulous colour combinations in a trendy teen bedroom, they're gender friendly colours too!

Pack a punch to a girls room with bright lavenders and purples. Blue Wall Kids Room with Twin Brown Bed

Busy Door

A combination of steel grey and turquoise give a room style that will remain on-trend for many years.

Lemon, orange and purple work surprisingly well together. Go for more muted tones if you don't want a visual colour shock.

Bright colours and children go hand-in-hand. Steer away from the stereotypical colours by using chartreuse and salmon pink. Stunning Bright Pink Bedroom With Twin Bed

Vote Travis Manning

Bright pink is the dream colour for many girls. Pep things up by painting the ceiling pink too! Floral Blues, Pinks And Whites In Fresh And Bright Bedroom

House and Garden

Cool, powdery blues make a great alternative to pink in a girl's room. Deep Orange, Purple And Pink Bedroom With Checked Rug And Sectional Units


Steer away from pink and go red – this intense colour adds a sense of maturity to the room.

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