Fabulous black friday interiors

Once viewed as a daunting and depressing colour that was reserved for Gothic interiors, black has become a colour that oozes chic style and sophistication. It is surprisingly gender friendly, and has the ability to adapt to its surroundings. Black looks stunning in contemporary and country homes alike. Team it with white for a timeless décor that makes a profound statement or inject touches of vibrancy with a bright complimentary colour such as yellow or pink. Whichever way you use black you'll find it lasts far longer that a Friday! Comfortable white and black living room

I See Cubed

Black and white creates a classical look that has stood the test of time in beautiful interiors. Black and white modern living room style

Design Brothers

Whatever the style of home, black looks stunning. Gothic style black doors, furniture and accessories in a dark hallway

Home Esthetics

Creating a dark and intriguing interior, black is the hallmark of Gothic design, but it easily takes on a new role when given a modern twist. Black dining room with small black dining table

Design Brothers

Black suits any room, from dining rooms to kitchens and even bathrooms. Dark brown living room with black floor lamp and accessories


Textured walls are bang on-trend, having them in black adds to the visual stimulation. Luxury black interior with roaring log fire, cream sofa and black and white faux fur rug

Trend DIR

Black works incredibly well when mixed with nature inspired furnishings and accessories. Black bathroom with white sink and toilet, plus small sparkly framed mirror

Futura Home Decorating

Just like a LBD, black can be given a luxe look when sparkly accessories are used. Black, white and grey modern bathroom

A Home Live

Surprisingly black doesn't make rooms look small and lifeless when used in conjunction with a paler, complimentary colour. Luxury black dining room with large mirror, cream curtains and dining table with candles


Black has the ability to make any style of home exude refined elegance when used in the right proportions. Black and white photo of a bedroom with chandelier light fixture

Radio Gosen

Renowned for being a sensual, sexy colour, it looks stunning used in the bedroom. Black and white interior, with black sliding door wardrobes and white floor lamp

New Mad Decorating

Add a black wall to your living space to create a dramatic, visual effect.

Take wood panelling to another level with black. This sleek colour is majestic and causally cool.

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