Although this day is really for monitoring the quality of water I thought we'd also encompass design ideas on conserving this precious resource as well. There's some fabulous and innovative ideas that you may be able to put into your home or workplace.  

House To Home

Showering takes far less water than a bath; if you haven't already got a shower maybe you should give it some serious consideration. You'll not only help to use water wisely you'll also see a difference on your water bill if your water is metered.  

Health is Wealth Maui

Water purification systems are a great idea in homes where the water from the tap is unfir for human consumption.  

Cass Brothers

This 5-star rated bathroom suite is another innovation that's very plausible and could be fitted in all of our homes. You use fresh water for washing your hands and the dirty or used water is then sent to the toilet filling it ready for the next flush. It's also a great space saver as you don't need a separate hand basin.  

National Builder Supply

Dual flush toilets are becoming the norm in many public places; we're also seeing then becoming used in homes as an effective way to save water.  

 Ovo Energy

There's lots of ways you can save water in the kitchen. Using a washing-up bowl rather than leaving the tap running to rinse plates can save copious amounts of water on a daily basis.  


Don't throw money down the drain – use water wisely by fixing dripping taps and turning the tap on and off while brushing your teeth.  

Watering my Garden

If there's a hose pipe ban in your area you can and should be collecting water in rain butts and using this to water the garden. Watering cans may be more labour intensive but you'll only water what's really necessary.  

The Water Project

If everyone does their bit to use water wisely this precious resource will last considerably longer.  

Of Time and the River

Get involved in water testing if you can – we should all remember not to pollute water with harmful chemicals.