If you love The Game of Thrones you’ll be waiting with baited breath for season 4 to be premiered on 6th April. Whilst you’re waiting step back in time and give your home a stylish design based the series. From rooms inspired by the series to stunning accessories that will whisk you off into the world of The Game of Thrones. We’re thinking along the lines of plush brocades in beautiful gold and silvers; metallic cushions the colour of armour, large wooden candle sticks, hand woven baskets, large candle style chandeliers, sofas and chairs that have sweeping curves fit for royalty, luxury faux fur throws for living rooms and bedrooms. Opt for sumptuous colours such as duck-egg blues, browns tans and creams that are muted rather than brash.


Anymore passionate about the series will manage to find space for a replica of Robb Stark’s sword in their home.


Loving these gorgeous cushions with beautiful crowns, crests and embellishments in silver, gold and pearl beads. They’re perfect for the bed chamber or to bring opulence to the living room.

Castle For Sale

Buy yourself a castle in France to live in a ‘set’ from The Game of Thrones. This is luxury living at its best for those who can afford it – you could always have it as a holiday home as it’s only a 5 minute helicopter ride from Limoges airport!

The Peak of Chic

Transform your bed into a boudoir fit for royalty with a castle theme. The same colour and type of fabric is used for the window treatment, giving a cohesive balance to the room. You don’t have to use bright yellow, it will work equally as well in more muted tones.

Duggan Furniture Restoration

Bring a Gothic look to your home with this stunning antique revival centre table.


You can really step back in time in this fabulous house; the beams, lave and plaster walls and stone work are perfect for recreating the Middle Ages.


This Bali styled home may not be authentic Gothic but you have to admit you could certainly take inspiration from it. The intricate wood work, furniture and stone-effect flooring can whisk you into The Game of Thrones.


This room shows just how imaginative you can be when creating a theme; you can as many or as few accessories as you like or can find that fit into the size of your room.


The ornate carving, studded leather work of this grandiose bed, along with the gorgeous brocade bedspread, ooze opulence and grandeur which was once only available to nobility and royalty.


If you don’t fancy actually living in a castle you can always stay in one while on holiday. There’s plenty of period rooms that will inspire you to give your own home a make-over in The Game of Thrones style.


Forget electric lighting and use wall sconces made from iron as a ‘must have’ accessory to set the scene and achieve the desired lighting effects of the past.

Home Modish

You can even give your bathroom a Game of Thrones look. Use dark marble vanity top with a black basin. Add accessories such as black long stemmed glass, candles and ornately carved mirrors.

Cow Biscuits

You have to include at least one of these stunning light fitting in your makeover. They’re ideal for the dining room, hallway and even the kitchen if you have enough space. Although candles would have been used an electric version is far more practical today and you still get the look.