Ensuring Festive Cheer

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
As the focal point of your home during the festive months, your Christmas tree is the physical embodiment of Christmas spirit. It plays a vital part in creating that magical atmosphere that comes into your home only once a year. Therefore it is certainly not something you want to get wrong! The choosing of the tree is just as important as the decorating. Before you go shopping or hunting for that perfect tree, you need to decide where it will fit best in your home. Avoid placing your tree near sunny windows, radiators, heating vents, and fireplaces as the heat will dry it out and cause the needles to fall and could also be a fire hazard. Try to keep the tree clear of areas where it might be bumped or overturned, or where someone might trip on light cords. Once a spot is chosen be sure to measure both the ceiling height and the width of that space. Write these numbers down on a piece of paper. Also, measure your tree stand to determine the maximum diameter of the tree trunk you can use in it. Finally, measure the height of your tree stand as well as the height of your treetop decoration. Use all these measurements to determine the perfect height and width of the tree you'll select for your home. Ornaments should be allowed to hang straight so you will want a tree with some space between the branches. To test a tree, take an ornament with you and hang it on several branches to see if there is room for it to hang straight. You will obviously want a fresh tree so how can you tell if a tree is fresh? The needles must be shiny, green and full looking, not dry or brown. They should not fall off when you pull on a branch. Once you have found your perfect tree don’t just throw your decorations at it. Try to use a colour scheme that matches your room’s existing décor so that your tree is a harmonious and not a garish inclusion. A good way to do this without throwing all your old decorations out is by purchasing some discount fabric or Christmas related printed wall art and creating bows for the tree and cushions for the settee. This is to help create some cohesion between the tree and the room. When decorating your Christmas tree, put lights on first, then garlands, then the ornaments. This will hide the wiring of the lights and ensure your ornaments can still be seen. Start arranging Christmas tree lights on the branches near the base of the tree. Weave strings of lights along the branches inside then carefully move to the outer edges of the branches. Don't hang all your ornament on the tips of the branches. Place ornaments and other decorations at various depths inside the tree to add depth and thicken it out. Once you have finished your tree, reposition your mirrors so that they reflect the tree lights and therefore further their effect.

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