There’s nothing better than flipping through the pages of a good book, seeing its aged colours, grained textures and then pondering what crafty handmade project you could possibly turn it into.  I’ve always had a love for vintage books and giving them a new purpose turning them into something handmade and contemporary. It seems I’m not the only one as it was actually a recent article I came across by Rebecca over at that sprouted the idea in my head for this post. In her article she mentioned how the handmade trend has spread all over the world unearthing some very talented makers and so she collected a mix of beautiful paper pieces by creative makers that she adored.  So here I’ve put together some more handmade paper décor idea’s to may inspire you into creating your very own handmade home. Embellishing walls with sentimental memories and pictures of family really does help to make a house a home.  Here’s an idea if you have a photo frame that’s on the dull side and needs sprucing up. You could by cutting up strips of paper, create a filigree like frame design using quilling tools to curl the paper as you’d like , something like this would also make for the perfect mother’s day gift so be sure to give it a try! The second paper craft idea I came across was this vintage script paper garland which would be ideal for any special occasion or to simply decorate the headboard, curtain rails or walls in any room of your choice. You could try creating your own individually cut shaped pieces and stitch them together, allowing you to create a garland of any length you’d like. Now this is slightly different but tissue paper is something we all come across whether lined in gift bags or wrapped around presents so why not make use of it?  What I really love about these tissue paper pompoms is the fact you can make them in any  colour palette you like and also not only use them for parties but to decorate your children’s or guest bedroom to. Lastly I came across this beautifully detailed music manuscript paper wreath; now although you’d think wreaths were mainly for the Christmas season that’s not to say we can’t start early and be inspired to create our own.  If crafts really isn’t your cup of tea then not to worry as there’s plenty of talented makers with etsy paper stores where you can find goodies like this to decorate your home with paper goodness and enjoy them all the same.   Now that we’re all wrapped up with our paper post which project has to be your favourite?

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