April is officially recognised as decorating month. It was created, so to speak, to inspire people to improve their home décor, whether that be a complete make-over or a simple lick of paint to brighten their surroundings. As April sees the warmer weather it could also be that spring cleaning and decorating go hand-in-hand. The warmer weather also allows us to open windows and doors to allow the smell of paint to escape; anyway whatever the reasons, April seems a good enough month of the year to get cracking and give your home a fresh new look! Before you start it's worth considering one or two points: Preparation is key: Without the correct preparation you may find that your efforts are wasted. So take the time to do the prep, it will be worth it in the long run. paint-a-room-prep


Paint or wallpaper? That's up to you! A feature wall in paper is on-trend, so if you don't fancy papering the entire room consider just one wall. It's worth noting that thicker wallpapers can hide a multitude of 'sins', so, if you're walls aren't perfectly smooth wallpapers may be the way to go. img94joktmu72062



Grass Cloth Wallpaper

Make sure you have enough wallpaper & paint: Nothing will be more annoying than running out of either! Do some simple calculations to make sure you have enough.   HowMuchDoIneed__Chart_Eng


  Roller or brush? A matter of personal choice. Some people swear by rollers, while others prefer a brush! o-PAINTING-MISTAKES-facebook


  Take tips from the professionals: They are the masters, so to speak, so take heed of their tips and advice; it may just save you time, effort and heartache!   Ultimate-How-To-Original_Wall-Painting-17-tape-trim_s4x3_lg

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