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Effective ways to pet proof your home

Anyone with a pet will undoubtedly be aware of the potential or actual accidents and incidents that are part and parcel of sharing your home with your four legged friend. We have some useful tips to help you pet proof your home without too much stress on you or your pet.

Furniture Chewing

Inherently associated with puppies furniture chewing can be very destructive and quickly ruin your furniture. Many pet psychologists will tell you that dogs chew furniture because they are bored, so make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them occupied while your away or out of sight. If you really don't want them shredding your sofa to rags keep the door to your living room closed when you're not about to supervise.

Scratching Furniture Cat Scratching At A Cream Sofa

Image: allpetnews

Kittens and cats like to scratch to keep their claws sharp and short, however, your furniture isn't the thing they should be sharpening them on; there's plenty of cat scratching post available which are a godsend if your cat doesn't venture outside to find itself a post or tree. Like dogs cats can also be trained not to scratch furniture if you take them away from the situation and place them in front of their scratching post they'll soon learn where they can dig their claws into and where they can't.

Pet Hairs On FurnitureDog Sitting On A Green Sofa

Image: whoknewtips

If you allow your best friend on your furniture then you should expect to find hairs and dander. The only way to stop the problem altogether is to forbid the pet on anything but the floor and their own bed. It's worth remembering that it's not only hairs they leave behind on your sofa or chairs - ticks, mites and fleas will also make themselves at home if left to their own devices.

Floors Cat Lying Down On Old Pink Rug

Image: flickr

Carpets, especially fitted carpets, aren't a good idea if you have a pet. The carpet will be a magnet for dirt, hairs and fleas. Carpets are notoriously difficult to keep scrupulously clean; if you have a pet it's well worth considering an alternative flooring such as wood, stone or tiles. Any one of these are easier to clean and if you want creature comforts (pun intended!) a stylish rug will add pattern and colour to your room – of course your best friend will also want to lay on it, but it is easier to clean and cheaper to replace than wall-to-wall carpet.

Pets Sleeping On Beds

This controversy continues to be debated vigorously. It's a matter of personal choice at the end of the day – if you're prepared to put up with the hairs or the odd flea so bit it - but don't blame your pet.

Climbing Black And White Cat Perched On A Curtain Pole

There are many pets which like to climb, from cats to rats or birds which fly around your living room, they'll soon find their own resting place or place to perch – it's called 'the joys of owning a pet.' Just make sure that your curtains and curtain poles are sufficiently robust to withstand the onslaught!

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