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Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

A successful educational interior needs to be both calming and inspirational in equal measures. An educational room such as a study or classroom needs to work very hard to help those in it maintain their concentration, yet at the same time it cannot be so featureless that it bores them rigid. In a properly thought out study you will soothed and inspired all at once and therefore much more productive


Admittedly this can be a difficult trick to pull off so let’s look at each area one at a time. The colour of the walls will play a vital part in creating a success study room, as colour has a massive influence over our moods. It is choosing the right colour we much show real balance and give equal thought to the two main factors- the calming effect and the inspirational qualities. Red may get the blood pumping and the mind working but it is hardly going to help you to relax.


In the long run your productivity will lessen as your concentration is disrupted. Blue is a very fresh and soothing shade to use in an educational interior but may lack the power to enliven the creative part of our brains. Research has shown green to be by far the most apt colour to aid learning. It is a shade that represents nature and such brings on feelings of harmony and balance whilst also said to promote creative thought. It no accident that it is the most popular colour in schools, nor is it for nothing that they say geniuses choose green- it’s certainly worth finding out!


Compliment the walls and add some light escapism without being overly distracting with some wall art that features tranquil and beautiful scenes of nature. It is important for the sake of your eyes that you look up from your work or screen from time to time and some art work will give you something else to focus on to stop your mind wandering out of the door.


In terms of furniture it is best to include only what is necessary to avoid a crowded or chaotic feel to the room. A desk, comfortable chair and some well planned storage which keeps everything to hand is probably all you need for a study. Or, if the room is intended as a home study for children or classroom, why not include a cosy bean bag corner to provide an inviting place for children to read a book.


If computers, projectors or televisions are to be used in the room, it is wise to give careful consideration to what window coverings you choose. Curtains may eliminate glare but they also leave rooms in total darkness when drawn. A much shrewder choice are blinds. There are many types such as vertical, horizontal or Venetian blinds (or even roller blinds if bought in smaller sections) which allow you much better control over the amount of direct sunlight that enters the room without compromising your views of the surrounding landscape.


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