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Eco-awareness: emphasis on 'going green'

This year interior design trends focus on 'going green', this does not simply mean painting your walls green or having green colours within your home, it is all about focusing on changing lifestyles.

With the current cold snap many people are looking at ways to make their homes warmer and cosier. We are all aware that loft spaces should be well insulated to the recommended depths, and that draughts are reduced in every room in order to save precious energy.


There have been numerous researches and studies carried out on how we can become eco-friendly to reduce our carbon footprint by 'going green' wherever we can. Studies have proven that despite the introduction of double glazing in most homes, heat loss via windows is still a major concern.


If you're looking to reduce heat loss through windows the easiest and most effective method is to use thermal linings on your curtains and blinds. There are numerous blackout roller blinds which have a thermal backing providing you with essential insulation, team these with fully lined ready-made curtains and you will notice the difference in your room temperature immediately.


Maisha curtains are ideal as they come fully lined along with 3 inch heading so that they can be hung from traditional Swish curtain track, wooden curtain poles or antique brass curtain poles to blend effortlessly with your interior design style and décor.


If you have patio doors it is also wise and cost-effective to have either full length curtains or vertical blinds to reduce heat loss. You can of course use a combination of blinds and curtains, and if they both have a thermal lining you are decreasing the amount of heat being lost through your windows.


Other ways of 'going green' within your home can revolve around recycling, along with making sure that you have stopped or reduced draughts, such as through your letterbox, which is surprisingly common, simply by using a curtain at your front door or refitting your letterbox!


In the bedroom rather than turn up the heating add extra bedding, a simple blanket or in trend bed runner will make all the difference, you could even invest in a hot water bottle to help keep you warm!


Eco-friendly materials made or derived from sustainable sources are also a key factor in going green. Wooden curtain poles and cheap Venetian blinds made from wood are ideal for your home, being both cost effective and an eco-friendly way to dress your windows.

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