Easy ways to make your student room more stylish

A student bedroom can look bland and generic, making you miss home even more. The good news is that a few simple accessories are all that is required to jazz things up. If you want to make your student room a lot cosier, you’ll simply have to focus on expressing yourself and making your personality shine through the décor choices. Here are a few basics you can try to change the ambiance and enjoy your home away from home a whole lot more.

Prints and Favourite Artworks

A pop of colour is usually all that it takes to make the room a bit more hospitable. You can use pictures, artwork and posters for the purpose. Several prints placed strategically on the wall will change the mood instantly. You can pick a style or an artist that you enjoy. Alternatively, opt for your favourite pictures. Have them printed in a large format or opt for black and white photography. Both will make the space a lot more stylish and personalised. Cityscape image, probably New York New York Skyline Poster from Wall-art.com - £10.32 from Terry's Fabrics. Artwork of a pink and yellow flower on a blue background

Cushions and Rugs

Not a big fan of artwork? Don’t worry. There are many other great ways to personalise your student room. Cushions, pillows and rugs will give the space a much homier vibe. You don’t have to go overboard and pile your bed with tons of pillows. A few will be sufficient to create a cosy little space for relaxation and study sessions. Imperial Cushion - £6.99 from Terry's Fabrics. Checked red and gold cushion on a black leather sofa Plush filled cushion in steel – £8.99 from Terry's Fabrics. Plush scatter cushion in grey Choose colours and patterns that go well together or that contrast each other. You can mix patterns and fabrics, if you keep the other accessories in the room simple.

A Message Board

A message board can be purchased from just about every store or you can work on your own cool, DIY cork board. The addition of such a simple accessory on one of the walls will immediately change the room. The board can be used to pin notes, homework assignments, maps and pictures. It can be very colourful or it can be a simple functional item in the room. There’s a lot of customisation you can do through the selection of such a board, which is why it ranks among the must-haves for students.

Lampshades and Lights

Instead of focusing on colour, turn to light to transform your student room. A string of lights forming a pattern on one of the walls can be cool and beautiful. Alternatively, you can buy a bizarre/classy lampshade that makes the light a bit more subdued.

Make sure that you also have at least one table light. You’ll be spending a lot of time doing assignments and going through your notes. A good lamp is an essential, especially if you want to go easy on your eyes.


Bring something living to your student room. There are many plant varieties that don’t require lots of care and attention to thrive. Chances are that you can’t have pets in your student bedroom. Still, adding plants will give you something to take care of. Go through online guides to identify the plant varieties that are easy to grow. Start out with one or two pots. If you grow confident in your gardening skills, you can add a few more to your collection. Blue ceramic plant pot containing sedum rubrotinctum

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