Duvet Diversity

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The problem with DIY is very easy to make large scale and expensive mistakes that are difficult if not impossible to undo. That candy striped wall paper that looked great when rolled up in the store, looks anything but sweet now that it’s covering all four walls in your kitchen.


Purple paint seductively renamed “evening plum” looked so sumptuous and sexy in the bar the other night but in your bathroom in the cold light of day it just looks so…..purple.


Nowhere in our homes are we more guilty of making rash décor disasters than in our long suffering bedrooms. With all the money already spent on the new fitted kitchen or the 1000 inch plasma T.V. and the bedroom being safely tucked away from guests, the need save some money or perhaps a little too much bravery can lead to some “interesting” choices.


Just as we should never shop on an empty stomach, making the bigger decisions on the décor of your home should never be done whilst you are still feeling inspired by your recent trip to Morocco. The reason for this is that we are a species driven by our moods, and moods, like the British weather, are prone to sudden shifts. In the future our walls may be made up of giant televisions so that we may change the pattern colour or scene at will. One minute we could be relaxing by a waterfall and the next raving in a nightclub…on a Tuesday afternoon!


Until then, the key to making rooms that can alter with our moods is by accessorising them. Start with a white or at least neutral backdrop- not very inspiring but bear with me. Now you have your blank canvas and from here on in are allowed to go as wild you wish to. Pictures, paintings, throws, cushions rugs and ornaments all allow experimentation with little cost. They can be rearranged, updated or hidden away.


Even better are duvet covers. They cover a large surface area and are therefore much more visually impacting and therefore mood enhancing than the previously mentioned trinkets. A plain white room is certainly not boring when its centre piece is racy scarlet for or zingy citrus. In fact, the sharp contrast will only enhance the vivid nature of such accent colours. But when you require a less passionate tone to your evening swapping them for a white duvet set will create a minimalist heaven and with all areas of the room similarly coloured, a soothing ambience is created in an instant.


Matching items around the room can really help tie a scheme together, if matching curtains are out of your budget for now, flowers are a fantastic way to spread colour. They are cheap and come in many varieties so matching them to your bedspreads is as easy as can be.


For a relaxed and cosy setting try cotton rich duvet covers in a chequered pattern. For modern elegance indulgent comfort try matching a stark white Egyptian cotton cover with a black or purple quilted throw.


Silk or satin will add classic glamour and adding oyster tones and perhaps a fur throw will give it a 1930’s art deco flavour.


With nothing more than a humble duvet cover and a little inspired accessorising, it really is possible to transport your home from French Renaissance to New York loft in a matter of minutes then, should the mood take you, swap it back.


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