Often we hear “bigger is better” when it comes to a lot of things in life, however when it comes to your bed and making the choice between a double or single you maybe pondering which is right to choose. All that potential extra bed space may sound inviting but of course each bed size has its own pros and cons, so here are 7 things to stick to when buying a bed to help you decide whether a single or double is the best way to go.    
  1. A bed that supports your body:  Your body is the most important thing to consider first and foremost when buying a bed. Your frame, weight and height are factors to consider when evaluating whether a bed is suitable ensuring there’s enough length and width for your body to rest comfortably. If you’re petite this might not be a concern, however if you’re on the taller side its worth checking bed dimensions beforehand.
  2. What you can afford: Be realistic about your budget and stick to what you can afford, because with a larger bed comes the need for a larger mattress in comparison to a single bed which is smaller and of a lower cost. The bigger in bed size you go the bigger a budget you may require for a good quality bed and mattress.
  3.  An ideal size: Take into account the bedroom space you have, use a measuring tape to take down accurate measures of your room space and compare them to the dimensions of the beds you’d like to buy. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm a small space with a large bed, leaving little space for other furnishings in your room.
  4. Versatile style: There are many beautiful designer beds available on the market  but you need to bear in mind that overtime your personal tastes in home décor may change. So choose a bed style that is versatile enough to lend well to a range of bedroom looks, saving you money reinvesting in matching beds as the trends change.
  5. A long term investment:  Any bed you buy is a long term investment lasting 8 to 10 years before you buy a replacement. So whether you’re moving into your own place with a partner in the future a single bed might look a little out of place in a master bedroom so think long term.
  6. Good quality: Stick to a quality bed product that you know guarantees you are making a worthwhile investment for both yourself and your home. Purchasing a double bed on a shoe string budget might not guarantee you long lasting quality and likewise can be said for your mattress.
  7. Efficiency: There are so many bed types on the market each with their own unique qualities from guest folding beds to those with built in storage. So whether you’re going single or full on double be efficient and look at what alternative bed products have to offer.