So first the good news, if you’ve been following these blogs to ease your home into summer since the start of the year, you no doubt be sitting on a wicker chaise lounge in a light-filled and airy room with lots of outdoors themes running concurrently- well done you!

You are a homeowner with their finger on the pulse and their feet on rattan rugs! You have spent the sunny months the envy of your friends, relatives and neighbours - “how do they do it?” people are whispering “it was just so effortless, so seamless!”- “why even go outside?” you rightly think “summer outdoors has got nothing on my front room - Bahamas who?”

Ok so I’m dragging out the good news a little bit, playing for time. But it’s only because I don’t want to burst your summer bubble!

The bad news- Midsummer’s Day passed a few weeks ago and in little over two months your home décor will be as out of place as a Crockett & Tubbs guest appearance on The Bill (I’m picturing the title music now- two pairs of wicker sandals on the beat in Slough!). Come October, we will once again sigh with heavy hearts as we officially wave goodbye to British Summertime.

While there isn’t an awful lot I can do for you about that, what I am able to do is help you plan ahead and prepare for a seasonal update to your home. Planning ahead is always where the key to home style success lies- you must devise a step-by-step plan to phasing your home into autumn. Doing this will make the change as painless, seamless and as easy on the wallet as possible, as you can afford to make small changes to your décor as and when you can afford it.

Follow these simple steps to help your home remain the envy of the masses:

  • Small rattan rugs are great for creating an unstructured, breezy feel during summer months but in the autumn they can look a little out of place. Switch your rattan rugs for large woollen ones that help define areas while keeping them warm and cosy. They great thing about rugs is that they can be rolled up and hidden away then be brought out again when the right season returns.
  • This is also true for detail decoration like ornaments, pictures, frames, vases, candle holders etc - all of these things can be quickly hidden away and replaced by equivalents with an autumn theme. Think darker woods, more muted or richer tones and more lighting.
  • You don’t have to repaint the entire house but you can make a really quick change to entire rooms by replacing summer themed feature walls with cooler wallpapers - shades of lilac, burgundy, and forest green would all look fantastic.
  • Add to this theme and keep out the chills by replacing blinds or other more minimal window dressings with heavier drape curtains that match the patterns of your feature walls- this can be taken even further through bed sets, throws and cushions.

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