Don't leave your pet out in the cold this Christmas; show him, or her, that you really care and have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they enjoy the festive season too.  


A fluffy fabric Christmas pudding makes a great bed for a mouse or hamster.  

Good to Know

Give your dog biscuits with a festive HO, HO, HO!  

My Pet

If your tortoise isn't hibernating dress him up in festive garb – being a reindeer for a while may be good for his self esteem.  


Doggy treat style stockings will make your pet feel part of the family.  

Smart Saver LLC

I'm loving this Santa hat for a cat bed – so cute!  

Carolina Home Decor And Wreaths

Give your pet a festive food or water bowl just to make him feel included in the festive feast.  

Talking Dogs

Show your dog how much you love him by having a tree ornament in his honour.  

Mother Nature Network

Photo Posts Blog

Your guinea pig will adore his festive hat!

Trusted House Sitters

Invite you dog to Christmas dinner with his very own place setting and festive bib.  

Todays Home Owner

Your cat will love playing hide-and-seek in your tree – just be warned that the whole thing could easily get out of hand.  


Birds, both captive and wild, will thank you for their seed bell.  

House To Home

Make a doggy advent style calender so that your pet can enjoy the run-up to Christmas with you.  

Family Christmas Gifts

Give a mind teasing present that will keep your cats amused for hours.  

Christmas Kid

Every pet should hang his stocking ready for Santa Claus.

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