If you want to keep ahead of the ever-changing trends within the world of interior design you best not let the grass grow under your feet! With many designers steering their thoughts towards going green and bringing nature inside our homes, there’s some extraordinary home accessory conceptions which will undoubtedly add a touch of whimsy and a great focal point for any room.


1. We start with a grass mobile phone station. This is artificial grass, not sure if watering real grass is compatible with the electronics of the station, so best to think of potential safety and harm you may cause to your phone if you opt for genuine grass.

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2. This wall mirror is stunning. The cascades of grass and mosses are simply beautiful. This mirror will suits many different styles of homes and doesn’t have to be relegated to the bathroom.


3. Real grass growing under a glass top coffee table is a subtle yet effective way of bringing grass into your home. Just don’t forget to water and trim occasionally.


4. This transparent bath sits on a real grass rug. The overall effect is one of peace and tranquillity – reminiscent of laying outside on the lawn on a summer’s day.

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5. Perfect for outdoor living, these grass cushions look really comfortable – be careful not to lean against them after watering unless you want a quick cool-down across your lower back.

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6. You can even show your passion for natural materials with this grass covered lampshade – not sure how you would keep this from dying – maybe artificial grass is the answer?


7. Bring another dimension, texture and interest to your dining table simply by adding a natural inset grass runner.

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8. You can even give your keyboard a green up-date. Sprinkle seeds in between the keys and you’ll soon find them sprouting!

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9. Step out of the bath and wriggle your toes in soft natural moss. The moss will love the watering and you’ll love the soft comfort underfoot.

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10. If you love outdoor eating you’ll adore this dining room table with its lawn top. Keep regularly watered and trimmed to get an indoor lawn table all year round.


11. Take your green passion to another level by using grass as a soft and comfortable place to lay down. Add some natural plants into the wooden headboard and ‘hey presto’ you’ll feel as if you’re sleeping under the stars.

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12. It makes sense to use grass covered furniture for outdoor use. We’re not talking about items which have been neglected, but stylish sofas and chairs which have been given a new lease of life by planting grass to reupholster it. Upcycling at its best.

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