Relive the 1970's with bright and vibrant interiors which reflect the passion and fun elements found within this era of interior design.

Bright colours are the key as interiors stepped out of the psychedelic 60's with its flower power and abundance of swirls and patterns into fun and vibrant use of colour without patterns. Furniture such as chairs and sofas used plain primary colours on which contrasting coloured cushions were strewn. Metallic was in and flowers out! Bland colours were used in the more subdued homes who were fed up with the turmoil of the 60s!

The 70s saw people embracing colour clashing and stepped away from the constraints they had been brought up with. Furniture no longer had to match, traditional three piece suites were out and in their place individual styled chairs, floor seating and hanging chairs carried over from the previous decade.

These were times when young people from the 60s, clung onto their free spirit principles to create homes which were devoid of the stuffiness of their parents homes. Sideboards were replaced with open shelving made from anything! Stacks of bricks with planks of wood laid on top was just as acceptable as painted wooden shelving, just as long as they were low to the floor!

Carpets were ripped up reveal beautiful parquet hardwood floors which had previously been covered, goodness only knows why! Those who didn't have parquet flooring went in the opposite direction and opted for thick shag pile carpets in white or cream irrespective of whether they were practical or not!

Diner parties were in and people continued to experiment with their interiors as well as their food! Prawn cocktails were the height of fashion along with avocado bathroom suites!

To replicate the 70s iconic look bring a breath of fantasy in a more conventional way by opting for plain fabrics and materials. Paint walls and ceilings white, bring in a wide palette of primary colours by way of duvets sets, cheap roller blinds and ready made blinds. Or opt for metallic furniture furnishings or brightly coloured plastic and don't forget to include at least on owl item within your home, owls were the in-trend thing to include in your home in the 70s!

The 70s were also troubled times for many, with miners strikes plunging people's home into darkness, money was short and improvisation had to be made by many. Cheap plastic became the mainstay of people's home as it was practical and durable, cheap Venetian blinds became widely popular as window dressings in bathrooms and kitchens.