Dining room interior design ideas: smoky neutrals

In today's post we turn our attention to modern dining rooms in this year's on-trend smoky neutrals. White white, beige and dare I say it magnolia, are still amongst the top colour choices for dining rooms, this years smoky neutrals are a welcome change. Without being ostentatious or too formal soft greys are an ideal colour choice for modern and contemporary styled homes. Let's start by taking a look at the floor.

As we know fitted carpets seem to be a fashion of the past. Modern and contemporary homes have wooden, tiled or stone floors. They also include comfort by placing large rugs in a neutral colour under the table and chairs. Finding the correct size of rug isn't purely a matter of guess work, there are guidelines which tell us the distance the edges of the rugs should be away from the walls as well as allowing the rug to be sufficiently large to accommodate the table and all of the chairs comfortably – without any of the chairs teetering on the edge of the rugs when being used.

Modern homes typically have plain walls and in this case a smoky grey compliments the colour of the chairs and table. Wallpaper is also acceptable as long as the pattern doesn't make the space feel to cramped and confined. Using wallpaper with a metallic soft sheen is not only trendy it also helps to move light around a room. With the gentle colours dinging room window dressings should not be too bold. Cheap curtains in a lightweight voile or organza are ideal – the sheen on organza will compliment metallic wallpapers beautifully. Alternatively window blinds always look at home in modern and contemporary interiors.

To help prevent the room from looking bland and lifeless include a variety of textures, for example soft velour for the chairs, voile, organza, natural fibre rugs combined with the chunk sturdiness of wooden chairs legs mixing together to create a stunning dinging room which is full of style and character. Keep accessories to a minimum, fresh flowers, wall art and a pendant style light shade hung low over the table is all that is required to complete the look. If you start adding more accessories the room is in danger of becoming to fussy and confused. Focus on quality and style rather than quantity and irrelevancies and the room will speak for itself.

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