Dining room interior design ideas: small, yet stylish

Small dining rooms shouldn't pose any problems with finding any style, however, many small dining rooms or areas lack definition and can easily become 'lost'. Fir some this may be advantageous, for others they need to find suitable ways to make their dining area find a defined space. There are a number of ways to define the space, probably the easiest is to use a large rug to separate the dining area from another part of a room. Large rugs will not only help to define a specific place for your dining room it will also help protect flooring from everyday spills and mishaps.

Another successful way to make sure your dining area gets noticed is to change the colour of its space. You don't have to make the colour change harsh, gentle blends of colours will naturally lead the eye around the entire room. Silvery greys are on-trend this year and make a clear, yet subtle distinctions between a kitchen and dining area. Placing your table and chairs close to patio doors is another way to get it noticed as well as being a suitable place to eat meals and look out onto your patio or garden.

To create a soft, yet practical window dressing for patio doors can also be used to tie the style of your table and chairs to the rest of a room. When looking for suitable window and patio door dressings you basically have two choices, well three, if you were to include leaving them undressed, your choices are vertical blinds or curtains. Vertical blinds will give you the ability to stack them back to either left or right allowing plenty of room to walk in and out of open patio doors. Likewise, curtains will also give you this ability.

Cheap curtains with a classical pencil pleat or modern eyelet styles will work well, just ensure that you have sufficient curtain pole brackets (which can be bought individually) to support the length and diameter of your curtains poles. This is particularly important if you have medium or heavyweight curtains as an additional bracket will help to prevent the pole from sagging under excessive weight. Small dining rooms call for small tables and perhaps just a couple of chairs if there's only two people eating at any one time. Additional chairs could placed in corners or even kept as bedroom chairs in guest rooms. You may also like to consider tables with a drop leaf – these are great space savers and are available in modern and contemporary styles.

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