Dining room interior design ideas: sensibly modern

Simple, yet incredibly stylish, modern dining rooms are devoid of anything irrelevant and packed full of style. Unusual shapes and the clever use of fabrics and materials are the hallmarks of this type of interior design style. Simplicity doesn't mean bland and boring – what is does mean is make the room and its furnishings are fit for purpose. Sound a little too much like an office or work place?

Well, it's not meant to, its intention is to clear your mind and your dining room of junk and clutter than many of us see the necessity to cram into our homes. This has to be removed and replaced with furnishings and décor that packs a punch and speaks for itself – in other words gives your dining room the 'wow' factor. Having said that to get the 'wow' factor doesn't mean you need a spend a small fortune. You can create style without having to spend excessive amounts of money. Cheap curtains are fit for purpose, further more they actually give you a certain amount of freedom.

Buying expensive curtains you may feel that you need to hang onto them for years to warrant their price tag, however, by using quality, cheap curtains you can swap and change them as often as you wish or need to, which is a sensible approach to take. Colour choices will also play an important role in achieving the 'wow' factor. Modern design have a tendency to use pale and neutral colours, while contemporary designs inject pops of vibrancy. If white isn't to your liking (it can sometimes look cold and hostile) soft greys, misty fogs along with off-whites are bang on-trend this year making them the ideal colour choices for modern dining rooms.

These pale tones also compliment natural light wood colours, such as light oak, ash and beech. So, if you have a light light oak floor stylish large rugs in a pale grey along with pale grey curtains will give your dining room a real touch of chic style without any fuss or bother. If you choose not to use patterned wallpapers then ensure that you include plenty of various textures. Grey concrete floors have their own distinctive texture which accentuates the style of your table and chairs rather than drawing attention away from it. Include a couple of black pieces, either in your accessories or furniture to add a sense of depth to the room. Experiment, have fun and be brave with your decisions – after all that's what exciting interior design is all about!

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