Dining room interior design ideas: playing with symmetry

Symmetrical dining room styling is not a new interior design conception. Over the decades it has been used to create stunning dining rooms in both traditionally styled and modern homes. The great advantage of playing with symmetry is that an elegant and refined look can easily be achieved. The principles of symmetry mean that each side of the room is a duplicate or mirror image of the other. Ideally your dining room should have two identically sized windows.

These can be used as the starting point of your theme. If you don't have two windows you'll still be able to play with symmetry, for example by using the alcoves either side of a chimney breast and fireplace. With the windows as the starting point you'll obviously have to have identical window dressings. Full length curtains will help to add height to the room. If you need privacy a combination of window blinds and cheap curtains provide you with chic style, while preventing prying eyes from seeing inside your home.

You also need to ensure that your curtain poles are identical – even down to the smallest detail of having exactly the same number of curtain pole brackets on each. Colour schemes are down to personal preference, however, if your windows are tall and narrow pale colours will help to make the room look and feel light and airy. In reverse, if you have large picture windows you have the option of using darker colours to create a more intimate ambience. Wooden blinds are a great option to coordinate with a wooden dining room suite (table/chairs/sideboard).

Your furniture and soft furnishings should also mirror each other. When playing with symmetry always include two or pairs wherever you can. These doesn't mean you need two dining room tables! - what it does mean is the the number of chairs needs to be even on either side. Likewise you won't need two large rugs – one large rug with a uniform or symmetrical pattern is ideal. If your dining room includes a sideboard the items placed on its surface need to be mirrored – two table identical lamps, plants etc. This interior design style is very pedantic, there is no room or allowances made for clutter as this will destroy the symmetry in an instant. You have to be as pedantic with yourself as you do with the room if you're to achieve success.

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