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Dining room interior design ideas: eclectic mixes

In times of austerity interior design comes to life with innovative ideas to suit all styles of homes and budgets. It shows us that in order to create a stunning interior you don't have to have bespoke furniture and soft furnishings, in fact you don't even need to have identical chairs around your dining room. Functionality and practicality are the keys to unlocking interior design ideas and turning them into reality. Of course the vast majority of us who love a bespoke home with custom made furnishings, however, because you don't have these it doesn't mean that you can't create stunning dining rooms which ooze chic styling and individuality.

As they say 'one man's rubbish is another man's gold' and this age old saying needs to be kept in mind when choosing the style of your dining room. Great interior design also focuses on the person or people who live in a home, any interior design will spend time with their clients getting to know them, their likes and dislikes. I don't believe that you even need a professional interior design to be able to say that your home has style (not that I'm having a 'go' at designers – in fact if you can afford to employ their services then do, because they do all the hard work of creating design styles to suit you!).

With our feet firmly on the ground we return to how you can create a stunning dining room even on the most modest of budgets! Cheap doesn't mean inferior quality or rubbish, cheap curtains have just as much quality and style than any other types of curtains – look for sales and discount to get the best deals. Likewise, large rugs to go under your dining table in faux cow-hide may actually suit your ideals and moral preferences better than the genuine article and be much cheaper.

In order for the mix of styles and designs to work effectively you do need to have a common ground and this goes back to the principles of functionality and practicality – plastic dining room chairs can sit next to wooden comfortably when the sizes are relatively the same. Think outside of the box and let your own natural design flair work it's magic – if you firmly believe you haven't got the necessary talent, even after looking for ideas to replicate or build upon, then it's time to get professional advice!

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