Dining room interior design ideas: country charm

You definitely don't have to live in the country to appreciate rustic décor. The natural materials, the often rough sewn look of much of the furniture and the generous use of antique pieces gives rustic décor a charm which is all its own. It's often the living room which gets the country treatment, but this is a look which is just as welcome in the dining room – and in fact, it's a great way to continue the theme from one room to the next if you're going for a rustic look in your home.


There are a variety of choices available in terms of country style furniture. There is always the possibility of shopping around for an antique piece, perhaps a dining room table, which sets the mood for the rest of the room. Of course, there are also many furniture manufacturers who offer new pieces with a lived in, rustic style that you can choose from as well.

Materials like hickory are a great choice; and if you've always toyed with the idea of having a reclaimed wood piece or some slightly distressed furniture in your dining room, this is a style which definitely allows you to indulge this urge. Simple styles are best when you're going for a country style – it's the accessories and accent pieces that dress things up and pull it all together.


Chandeliers are the right choice for a rustic dining room – and to be more specific, a cast iron chandelier sets just the right tone for a country style decorating scheme. A well designed and decorated dining room is the heart of the home and is a place that you'll enjoy entertaining guests as well as having family meals. The right lighting can make an ordinary dining room something truly special and that's definitely the case with a country style dining room.

Finishing Touches

Use pretty chintz, floral or gingham for curtains uk, table runners or seat pads. Bring the country element to the floor with large rugs in patterns and colours to compliment your dining room furniture. If you're going for for a pine country cottage look pine coloured wooden blinds would be the ideal window dressing choice. Country themed dining rooms should also have a dresser on which pretty plates can be displayed – as collections are on-trend at the moment jelly mounds, butter dishes or any items associated with a farm house will be in keeping and provide plenty of interest in the room.

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