Dining room interior design ideas: cool contemporary

We all want to update our dining rooms from time to time. However, sometimes you want to do more than replace your tablecloth or repaint the dining room. Especially if you've had the same dining room décor for a long time and your dining room furniture is a little out of date by now, then you may want to think about trying something completely new and different.

If you're ready to make a big change and totally transform your drab dining room, consider going with a contemporary look and feel. There is no one right (or wrong) way to decorate your dining room and it's perfectly okay to think out of the box about your dining room furniture. There is an incredible variety of options available and thanks to the availability of online shopping; you can easily browse for different styles of contemporary dining room furniture to get ideas.

Modern Styles

There are a lot of choices out there which are short on ornamental flourishes but very long on style – and that's what you should be looking for if you want to go for a modern look. If you have more ornate furniture in your dining room at present, you'll probably be quite surprised by how much cleaner and more spacious the room feels once you've replaced your dining room furniture with something more contemporary.

If you don't need as large of a table as you have now, then you might want to think about down-sizing to something slightly smaller to save space and give your dining room more of an open feel. A glass dining table is something that you may want to think about. It's an ultramodern style which can make your dining room feel airier and brighter as well as far more modern in terms of style.

Window Dressing

Heavy drapes or fabric blinds don't really have a place in a contemporary dining room. Let the sun shine by replacing these heavier window dressings with sheer curtains uk. Natural light is definitely the way to go when possible, so take advantage of every bit of sunlight you can get. Add wooden blinds in pale colours to tone with the rest of your furniture if you don't want to use curtains.


The clean lines of contemporary interiors shouldn't be spoilt with a bombardment of knick-knacks; do away with clutter to make the room look larger. Large rugs with a modern design are ideal for breaking up expanses of plain coloured flooring.

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