Dining room interior design ideas: bright & beautiful

In our last post looking at dining rooms we opt for a simple, yet bright and beautiful interior design style which can be adapted and jiggled around to suit all types of homes and dinging spaces. As we've seen you don't necessarily have to have a separate dining room as tables and chairs can fit unobtrusively into sections of other rooms very successfully.

We've already determined the fact that you don't have to have a matching dining room suite to achieve a stylish dining room. An oddment of chairs in different shapes and sizes is on-trend this year, along with bench seating for an informal, relaxed look. As we continue to see up-cycling at the forefront of modern interior design having a bright and beautiful dining room is easy to achieve. In modern homes plastic, polyurethane or wooden chairs can look striking next to a glass topped or wooden table.

Alternatively, if you want a more formal look with a modern edge old-styled table and chairs can be found at low prices purely because they required a little TLC. It's possible to restore wooden tables to their former glory with the help of a French Polisher, however, you could just paint it or use a brightly coloured table cloth to cover up the damaged surface.

The same can be carried out on dining room chairs, paint, re-upholstering or cover slips can breather new life into chairs – just as long as they are 'sound' and won't break as soon as someone sits on them! If you fancy re-covering or re-upholstering the chairs it's a good idea to request some free fabric samples. These will help you make a choice in the types, style and colour of the fabric before making an order.

Remember that some fabrics may look super and yet they may not be sufficiently robust to be stretched and pulled tight during the re-covering process. If the idea of re-covering or re-upholstering isn't within your skills, simple chair slips can also be made from curtain materials and fabrics. It's also worth considering the pattern of the fabric – striped may look the part but if you don't have them lined-up correctly on all of the chair seats or backs they may not turn out to look as chic as you'd hoped for.

Finish the look and give the dining area its own definition by using large rugs; as we've seen throughout this week large rugs can really bring a dining room or dining space alive.

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