Dine in Style 6: Rustic Charm

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

It is becoming more and more apparent these days that people are looking for a more rustic charm when it comes to the kitchen and the dining areas. These rustic styled rooms have become ever more increasingly popular and not only in the standard country house but also in the cities and towns. There is something about a rustic dining room that embodies wholesomeness and also includes warmth of a more endearing nature than that of a modern kitchen or dining area.

It is quite interesting to note that the rustic charm will still give you the same efficiency of a modern one but at the same time giving you the benefits of something that is more aesthetically pleasing. In any home today having a place where you and your family can sit down and relax and have a meal in comfort with surroundings that are pleasant to you will only give you far more enjoyment.

You will find that having a rustic environment in your dining room will bring about benefits that you thought were not possible, you will be looking at all the different aspects of your dining room and kitchen - looking for little places that you can make change, for example how about installing wooden Venetian blinds in your windows? - they are sure to add to the overall effect of having a dining room that is more rustic, more charming and at the end of the day a room where you can relax and feel comfortable.

If you are going to undertake the redecoration of your dining area you might want to consider the colours that you use, because there are certain colours that are in keeping with the rustic style of the area that is used for cooking and eating. Perhaps the most commonly used colours are the ones associated with the natural things that surround us, such as earthy colours of red, browns and greens and you will soon see that you can combine these with yellow that conjures up a 'mustard' feeling – associated with homeliness and warmth.

Simply by adding kitchen rugs or mustard yellow rugs will add a quaint charm and help ground your colours. Put these together with a slightly honey tainted colour, and you will be more than half the way there to having a dining area that really does give you that rustic charm, that now seems lost in so many of the homes that are built today. Take time to sit back and take stock of what you really require to get the appearance that you want in your home.

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