Dine in style 5: opulent grandeur

When you think of your dining room and how it functions this room should really be saying something about you, this room should reflect your character and personality as well as many other aspects about your life, and if it is your desire to bring about an opulent and grand sense of dining in your home than this can be created in a fashion that is not difficult to achieve. It is obvious that the function of the room is to have an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing and at the same time the perfect place to enjoy your meal.

If you're thinking of having a dining room that is decorated to some splendour or to an age gone by where dining at certain times of the day was an occasion. It is more than possible to re-create that experience and give you and the other diners that are present at the table a feeling of something really special and unique. In this day and age we have often forgotten how the main meal of the family is a truly focal point for all that has happened during the day it is a place where we meet to discuss the day’s events and any upcoming topics.

A dining room that has a sense of grandeur will welcome you into the room, and should you be entertaining guests they will be made to feel very special and privileged to be sitting at the table with you in your splendid dining room. Perhaps having an opulent dining room brings to mind the sumptuous dinners that were once served up to the Royals and the gentry of this land over the years. These sumptuous dining rooms bring to mind walls that are steeped in rich and bold colours, with vibrant hues surrounding the room, and no doubt images come to mind of classical paintings and oil weathered portraits of family members long ago.

It also brings to mind the images of sumptuous cushion seats, all covered in velvet which were often situated around the windows, and these windows were more often than not bay windows and inset into these were the unique bay window curtain poles, with the ever lavish pencil pleat curtains drawn back by huge silk sashes. Indian rugs placed under the dining area was another opulent way of showing that you were travelled – to places most can only dream of!

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