Dine in style 1: contemporary white

What comes to mind when you think of a contemporary style? Maybe it's the simplistic and minimalist look, or maybe it's just the clean lines that you after; the contemporary style is often associated with pastel colours or one unique colour which is more than often white. To set a striking scene in your dining room often requires those unique pieces of furnishings that work well with the contemporary theme in your home.

To take full effect of having your house designed on contemporary lines it should be noted that lighting plays a huge part in the overall effect, so it is really necessary to think hard about how your lighting system is installed and where exactly you bring light into the room. Subtle and effective lighting can be achieved by pinpoints of light which highlight a certain painting or a piece of artwork, often you'll find in a contemporary home much of the lighting has been recessed and the use of lampshades are nowhere to be seen.

Window treatments also have to be considered as this is where the natural light will enter your room. Whether you opt for white pencil pleat curtains or white Venetian blinds is purely a matter of personal taste; either will fit neatly into your contemporary white design style. Creating a dining area is often very focal to a contemporary setting and the actual dining space itself becomes pivotal in the overall setting that it is in.

A dining area in any house is an important part of the daily life of a household, it's where people meet and come together to sit and eat and to discuss the day’s events, as such the dining area should be somewhere where an atmosphere is created to enjoy the whole dining experience. If your dining area has been decorated in a contemporary white colour, it is often said the enjoyment of eating is enhanced as there are little or no distractions to take your eyes away from the food!

To take it one step further the contemporary dining style can be further enhanced by the placement of strategic objects such as chairs which have been made to a very modern design and can be made of either wood or metal with contemporary fabric coverings. Another way to create that contemporary feel is to have white rugs placed strategically on the floor of your dining room, these will show a contrast to whatever is in the room, and if you also place something like a glass or china cabinet, this also adds to the dimension of the room.

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