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Sometimes it is the little details that make all the difference. From chrome plug sockets to brass taps, taking the time to consider and improve these small areas significantly helps to boost the standard and logic within your design scheme. The details help to reinforce your theme and ensure an authentic finish is created. Consequently, this article will guide you through the huge range of door handles available and how best to select a style for your room.

Contemporary Cool

Sleek and stylish door handles are a fundamental element in completing a contemporary design scheme. Whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom handles add a sophisticated and clean finish to your design. Consider choosing a long linear handle in a chrome finish to complement the smooth and straight formations within the room. Or, for a slightly softer look opt for a chrome style with embossed details or a rounder form. For the ultimate in minimalist contemporary living why not choose cabinets and drawers with concealed fastenings below the rim of the door or a style which is supported by a spring mechanism and can be opened by simply pushing the corner of the door. This enables the cupboard doors to be considered as one smooth and continuous panel and is particularly successful with glossy finish doors.

Turning Traditional

Just as the smooth lines of a chrome handle can contribute to a sleek modern finish, the sculptural design of a brass or gold door handle can similarly add the finishing touch to a more traditional scheme. Transform your bland doors with an authentic engraved door knob. These are available from antique stores, or more readily and at a lower cost; replicas are available from most interior suppliers. There are even styles with beautiful ornate flower patterns painted on to add some countryside flare to your room. These can even be used to transform a bland chest or drawers or wardrobe in to a rustic and enchanting addition to your design. Finally, for more delicate and subtle alternatives why not opt for a longer cast iron style with bulbous or swirling details on each end.

Open Your Mind

Alongside the beautiful and varied range of metal and wooden door handles available for us to buy why not consider being creative and using more individual designs for your doors. For example why not opt for a glass, leather or studded handle for a more funky finish. In fact, why not take inspiration from other textures within the room and create your own handles using material, paint, buttons, studs, pebbles and so on. To create an Eastern inspired look you can simply add tassels to any basic door knob. Or why not create knotted handles in rope of fabric for a nautical or rustic countryside effect.

Whether modern and minimalist or traditional or twee door knobs, although small, help to communicate your design scheme and can help considerably in creating a comprehensive and sophisticated finish to make the professionals proud.

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