Mexican interiors are all about colour based on earth tones as the backdrop against vibrant colours such as yellow, indigo, orange and crimson. If you want to create a Mexican themed interior you can't be afraid of colour, rather like hot chillies you select the reddest and hottest and accept the consequences! Bright, bold patterns are also typical of this style especially on curtain fabrics, while furniture tends to be more rustic with wood and metal working along side each other. Due to the climate of the country Mexican interiors flow naturally into the outside space, with inner courtyards and verandas which lead you through to the garden. Mexican styles blend beautifully with other styles which are also based on use of natural materials, solid construction and homes which are family friendly. The majority of Mexican homes have shelves and mini shrines on which they display family mementos, art work, pottery and coloured glass. More contemporary interiors use large vases and serving platters which are made by local craft techniques, along with woven paintings by the Huichol Indians and black pottery. Oversized lounging cushions and embroidered textiles. This style is not for those who like white minimalism, as to achieve a Mexican theme you have to be prepared to have a juxtaposition of patterns and colours. Mexican home decorating is an excellent choice for people who enjoy a lively interior. Its colours and patterns are cheerful, arty and steeped in tradition. Many people appreciate the fact that Mexican furniture and accessories use natural materials and have handmade flourishes. You can use accessories to give your home a bit of Mexican flair as one of the greatest advantages is the ability to have hand and home made cushions, throws and curtains, making it an ideal style choice for those who want to inject lots of individualism and their own personality into their homes. Find a good fabric warehouse to buy curtain fabrics in bright and vibrant shades to make full use of this year's bold patterned materials and set yourself exciting challenges of making your own soft furnishings which will sit very nicely with this style of interior. Of course those who want the style but prefer not to make their own there are some superb ready made curtains which will suit, more especially eyelet or tab top curtains hung from wooden curtain poles, team these with bright cushions in the lounge or duvet covers which have large bold patterns, mix and match patterns and colours to really enjoy this creative interior design theme.