Think of Italy and immediately Pizza and gelato (delicious Italian ice-cream) spring to mind! The Italians are renowned for their stylish interiors and for being leaders in contemporary designs styles along with continuing with traditions which are decadent and opulent. From more traditional Italian interior design styles you need to think along the lines of refinement and on-trend chic. The themes of their rooms are set in an orderly fashion with the abundant use of materials and fabrics in plain white, ivory and creams, often offset with a deep accent colour such as navy blue to create an opulent richness. Chandeliers and large padded headboards are a 'must' in the bedroom, along with full-length curtains, which are left to pool onto the floor. Traditional Italian houses have large, high windows and these are accentuated by using fabrics which reflect natural light such as satin and organza. Luxury bedding is also a 'must' in traditional Italian homes, remembering that in most parts of southern Italy the sun shines all year long, therefore the need for lightweight bedding is paramount, however this doesn't mean that they ignore chic styling! On the contrary, Italians are renowned for their love of all things opulent which look good and feel good against the skin, and the luxury bedding they use is no exception. For a more contemporary interior which is based on pizza and gelato more vibrant and funky colours come into play. Modern duvet sets in candy stripes are ideal and can be teamed with crisp white sheets to create a simplistic and minimalist room which still oozes chic style. Flooring in Italian homes is typically tiles or for the wealthy polished marble. Flooring is also kept minimalistic and of course uncluttered. Like many other European countries the Italians are less shy than the English and many of their contemporary bedroom interiors incorporate their bed along with their bathroom. This trend is becoming more and more popular in contemporary living styles. Walls are predominately kept white to reflect as much natural light as possible, window dressings are also kept to clean lines in modern homes with use of Roman blinds or lightweight and voile curtains being used rather than the swathes of fabric found in more traditionally styled homes. As with many other European countries many Italian homes have wooden shutters which are used to keep rooms cool during the day and therefore they have little need for privacy, net curtains or café styled half curtains are only used in the kitchen.

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