Design Dilemas- The Rented Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

With the housing market in a slump, making it increasingly difficult for young professionals to get a footing on the property ladder, the rental market is really flourishing. This boom has forced landlords and lettings agents to really up their game and as a consequence those looking to rent can now enjoy the benefit of a luxury apartment at a greatly reduced cost. There are also lots of other benefits to renting- utility bills are often included in the price, repair and maintenance work is the responsibility of the landlord and tenants have the freedom to lead a more nomadic existence- something that really appeals to the younger market.

However despite all of these bonuses, the one inescapable problem with renting is that it can be very difficult to make a home out of a rented house, due to the fact that tenants don’t really have much room for manoeuvre in terms of making their mark. Most landlords or lettings companies will not allow any major redecoration and structural changes are completely out of the question. Included below is a collection of the best ways to make your rental house a home whilst staying on the right side of the landlord.

First of all, when viewing a potential new home, don’t lose your head. Be sensible and ask yourself “is it big enough?” or “does it fit my lifestyle?”. For a reduction in rent and the opportunity to really personalise the space, it is best to go with an unfurnished property. That way when you buy furniture it is an investment as it yours to keep. Do not be scared of a white box- which how the new place may appear initially. Instead, get excited about the blank canvas that is offering so much scope for personalisation. Ask your landlord if it is possible to paint your walls, some will not mind and others might have a swab of colours which you are allowed to use. If that is not an option, a quick solution is to purchase wholesale fabric in the same style as some wallpaper you like. Stretching the fabric around boards which can then be connected to your wall will create an amazing and easily removed feature. This same technique can be used to create a really stand-out headboard. Pictures and mirrors and soft furnishings such as throws, cushions, rugs and duvet sets will all help spread some colour and home comfort throughout the property.

For added comfort and to make your rented property much more able to function on different levels, be sure to pay special attention to lighting. First of all why not what the standard light shades on the ceiling for something a little more decorative. Then for an improved ambience in the evening, add a variety of table and floor lamps.

In an all white bathroom, some brightly coloured matching towels accompanied by a floor matt will make all the difference.

If your kitchen and living area share the same space, try to separate them by using a breakfast bar or by merely turning the couches inwards to create a separate square within the room.

Plants are also a great way to add colour and flair to a room without breaking the bank. A really architectural, sharp edged yucca will lend your room some contemporary natural style.

Living in a rented property should not make you feel restricted. By renting you actually have a much bigger spectrum of properties to choose from and are therefore much more likely to find something to suit your needs. Then with addition of a few choice pieces of furniture, you will have created the home of your dreams in not time at all.

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