Delicious Dining Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

In households across the country there’s a trend that is becoming all too popular. Dining rooms are being neglected. Placemats are left unused, table tops are gathering dust, all while people are opting to slouch on their couches and chomp down on ready meals while growing ever more depressed watching the latest episode of Eastenders. Meal times should be savoured and enjoyed with pleasant cheerful conversations and good food with our loved ones in a beautiful environment. We all need to get back to the table.

It is, of course, the table that is the key piece of furniture for this space as it will dictate the layout of the rest of the room and be the most imposing visual aspect in the space. There are a few important points to consider when choosing a table, as well as the obvious is it the right size, can you walk around serving food without dropping peas on people’s heads, the main one is - does it suit your family’s lifestyle?

Unfortunately not all homes have a room they can devote solely to the act of eating. In many cases the dining room has become a second lounge area, a playroom or even an office so this will have a huge impact on the space you are able to dedicate to a table and how much you will need for storage, desks, sofas etc. Also consider the number in your home, if you’re a family of three a small circular table or a corner table would be suitable for daily use. If you’re a fan a dinner parties and have them often a larger table (or an extendable one) would be better. Who will be using it, if there are going to be jammy little fingers all over it then maybe glass wouldn’t be the best option.

Eclectic looks are great for multi-purpose rooms. Having chairs that don’t match and of different colours, mixed with a large wooden table and plenty of storage units gives the room a real lived in vibe and is practical for families with younger children. In rooms like this lighting can be used to signify the different areas, large ceiling lights over play areas, pendants hanging down over the table to give good purpose lighting as well as creating a feature and a Small Table Lamps in the ‘office corner’.

If you are a fan of traditional dining there are many ways to create a classy sophisticated look in the dining room. By combing a glass table (which is also great for making your room seem larger) with cream leather chairs and dark flooring, accented by a gorgeous feature light hanging over the centre of the table (careful with the height – not too high, but not so low you can’t see each other) and luxurious ceiling to floor curtains (from curtain fabric suppliers), will give you a real glamorous setting, perfect to impress any guests.

Finally, colours in your dining room are very important. There are some (pinks, blues and purples) that are appetite suppressors, not what you want, well unless you’re on a diet maybe? The reds, yellows and oranges are the ones that get people salivating and ready for their food, great if you have a standalone dining room that your only in for a few hours at a time, but probably too intense for an open plan space. There are also the neutrals that work well anywhere and the rich browns and terror cottas that offer comfortable eating environments.

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