Decorating ideas for scorpions

Scorpions take a no-nonsense approach to living, as such their décor reflects this confidence. Their style of living has no frills attached, try adding lots of twee cushions or lacy bits on their sofa and you'll soon see just how sharp their sting can be! Black and white executive living space


Uniformity is the name of the game for Scorpions. Red corner sofa and matching sofa in a grey, red and white living room

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Strong, bold, confident colours are at the heart of their décor. Industrial living room and dining room with glass table, brown leather sofa and exposed brick walls

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A minimalist decorating motif suits the demeanour and confident style of the Scorpion. White living room with beige sofa and gold rug


Scorpions love texture, yet it has to be smooth and sleek rather than rough and granular.

Functional and form work hand-in-hand with the choice of furnishings in a Scorpion home. Brown leather sofa in a light grey living room, with funky hinged black floor lamp

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No frills or unnecessary adornment is the hallmark of a Scorpion’s home. Living room with exposed white beam pitched roof and red ceramic column fireplace, with snowy trees seen through the windows

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Scorpions enjoy a variety of home styles, just as long as they have a confident, minimalistic décor. White sectional book shelves over one wall, with black corner sofa and solid tree trunk coffee table


Scorpions have great organisational skills, an important part of achieving a look that they can confidently call their own. Modern white living room with white sofa and chairs and touches of green and plant life

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A love of nature also inspires a Scorpion to decorate their home with passion.

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