Decorating ideas for libras

Libras are design appreciators. They love beautiful objects, with a passion for art and culture. Sophisticated and intelligent, Libras are true to their zodiac sign and like things to be balanced. Blue, from dark hues of cobalt and ultramarine to softer shades of duck-egg are the preferred colour palette for those born under the sign of the scales. Libra is an air sign, the environment is important, along with peace and harmony. A home that's filled with creativity, but not ramshackle, well balanced visually and filled with cultural aesthetics will be perfect for the vast majority of Libras. Light grey and mauve living room, with light purple sofa and wooden coffee table

Fab Furnish

Even though Libras love art and culture they also like to see visual balance. Uniformity and neatness is ideal for a contemporary style that packs a visual punch. Dark blue living space with mottled walls, with tie dye style white and blue sofa

Project Dominique

Pattern and use of natural materials is important to Libras. Luxurious four poster bed and canopy, with white bedding and blue accessories

Forever Champagne

Libras love luxury. As sensual creatures bedrooms should be romantic, yet functional. Identical pairs of soft furnishings give a balanced look. Deep blue living room, with blue chair, walls and lamp, then white accessories

Ordinary Bathroom

Art work and creativity should feature heavily, without being overly ostentatious. Lovely exposed natural brick wall and fireplace in a dining room with blue and cream chairs

She's Got Plenty

Libras like to be environmentally friendly, using materials from nature such as wood plays an essential role. Exposed brickwork, log fires and comfort give a rustic charm that should be visually interesting and stimulating. Blue and white accessories in front of a dark blue wall and wall tapestry

Patterns Colors Design

Cultural influences are a great way to add colour, pattern and texture to Libras' homes. Collage of denim used in the home with cushions, rugs, throws and fabric

Decorators Notebook

Classy recycling and up-cycling should be part of a Libras' home. Cosy and warm purple and pastel blue bedroom


Luxury and comfort go hand-in-hand for Libras.

Attention to detail is important, having the ability to combine all the things they love in one room is paradise!

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