The mountain climbing goat behind the star sign Capricorn is hard-working and resourceful. Capricorns love earthy tones and natural materials, such as leather, stone and wood. They also like darker tones, including black, dark greys and navy blues. Although their preferred motif is traditional, they are not adverse to living in contemporary homes altogether. Saggitarius

Lipstick Alley

Capricorns prefer a minimalist decorating style. Capricorn-Home-Decor-Style-by-Horoscope1-570x685

Project Dominique

Using a mirror reflects the Capricorn’s ideal of being noted for their achievements. capricorn-astrological-design

Six Different Ways

A traditional decorating style is enjoyed by most Capricorns. capricorn-home

Elsa Elsa

Capricorn has an earth element, therefore it stands to reason these folk love soft, earthy, natural tones. living-room-colors-lime-green

I 24 Women

Natural greens can also work for Capricorn, especially when used with natural materials. delectable-modern-home-decor

Dot & BO

Shades of brown are the staple decorating favourites of Capricorns.

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