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Dare to be different this christmas 6: chic country

Atypical shapes and materials does not adequately describe chic country, but it comes close. A retro red couch, with scratchy gold threads woven throughout, sitting beside a modern black, metal fireplace, gives you a better idea of chic country décor. The old and the new, blended together to form a comfortable, aesthetic effect, is the result of this popular new look. Anything goes, as long as balance is achieved and the holidays is the perfect time to try your own personal hand.

A Very, Merry Living Room

Do not be afraid to be bright and bold with the season, using festive reds, greens and golds. A real tree, that smells of evergreen and a musty forest, gives the beginning of a country feel. Hand-woven chequered or flowery large rugs, will add colour and texture, that are simple and warm. Fringed, off-white chiffon throws and Provençal printed pillows make you want to take off your shoes and get really comfortable. A lace, velvet or satin table runners can be used on your coffee table, where an array of candles, candies or special trinkets are arranged. Trimming the Tree Keep your tree trimmings minimal with bright, shiny green or red bulbs, and highlight the tips with gold or silver trinkets.

When left unhidden, the natural beauty of the live tree will provide the spirit of the season. Each bulb and trinket will receive the attention deserved because the Christmas tree is not too heavily dressed and busy. Low light from short, chunky candles, that are surrounded by festive flower rings, contribute to the natural mood of welcome bliss.

Set your Mantle on Fire

Make your fireplace the centre of attention with greenery, poinsettias and a decorative string of lights. Bring out your favourite old Christmas ceramic statues, or splurge on modern gold or pewter pieces that please your sense of taste. Place them in your direct view where they can be admired and appreciated. The whole idea behind chic country is to form a pleasing atmosphere with items that you love.

As you sit in front of the glowing fire and looking at your favourite collection of Christmas items, a sense of contentment is easily achieved. A variety of decorating tastes doesn't have to be stifled when you choose to decorate with chic country. Keep your comfortable country setting and expand with modern, Victorian or Provençal patterns and fill this Christmas will all of your favourite things.

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