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Dare to be different this christmas 5: re-cycle

Thousands of people have decided to stop throwing out perfectly good items that can be put to use. If you are among this fast growing population, you may find your creative juices flowing like never before. A piece of tin foil or a glass jar can take on the appearance of art. Christmas is the perfect way to craft and design your own special hand-made items that can become a tradition, year after year.

Rustic Loves Old Wood

Wood boards that have been left over from a remodelling job or a demolished shed, need not be thrown in the burn pile. The history that follows one piece of wood can be phenomenal. Years of babies being born, joys and sorrows being shared, and withstanding that big storm, are a few of the stories that can fill a home with the treasure of weathered wood. Plan on having an old fashioned Christmas this year with items, food, and stories of the past. A strange, warm spirit will begin to unfold and show you a different side of real holiday cheer.

A Wonderland of Recycled Goods

You may have different bins filled with glass, plastic and metal, ready to be recycled. All types of ideas can begin to take shape for holiday fun by rummaging through these leftovers. Glass jars are a very useful tool for making candles, painting for vases or even stuffing with LED lights and stringing throughout a room. Drag out the old furnishings from your grandparent's attic or visit thrift shops to get the historical nature of your project into full swing.

Old Fashioned Rugs

There are many new and old large rugs that can be used to display your old fashioned Christmas at a very low cost. A large oval braided rug can be just the thing for showing off your recycled array of trinkets and furnishings. A rattan or straw-type area rug can also blend into the scenery, quite well. An old duvet cover, or a patchwork quilt that shows signs of wear, is perfect for draping over a sofa or hanging on a wall. It is all about going back to basics, remembering a simpler and more subdued time.

Use history and recycled goods to make your own unforgettable memories of Christmas. You may even be surprised to find your mind beginning to reflect on the small joys you had as a child. Memories that have been buried and forgotten, making room for what you thought was a more important life. If an old piece of wood can do this, just think of the ingrained picture your recycled Christmas can have this year, when shared with your family.

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