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Dare to be different this christmas 4: sophisticated colour combos

A sophisticated colour scheme may sound complex, but you may find that you have a natural skill in designing your own. By using a grouping of related colours, you are halfway there. Balance of weight and form is the other half of this equation. If you are thinking of choosing a fashionable look for Christmas this year, a sophisticated colour combo can be as breathtaking as a scene out of a magazine.

Selecting your Colours

There are actual sophisticated colour scheme charts where you can begin your search for this year's holiday planning. Choices such as lilac, black and grey help create a Victorian charm, while green, brown, mahogany and mauve represent a Queen Anne appearance. There are many different schemes to choose from, depending on your taste. The main idea is to stay closely related to one or two particular colours, while using white or black as the base.

Form, Shape and Balance

Not unlike a floral arrangement, the right balance has to occur when using a sophisticated colour scheme. For example, you may have a pair of silky teal curtains that are calling to you for inclusion in the Christmas spirit. No worries; tweak your colours to light green, aqua and lavender. Linen white can serve as the base and you are ready to start. Create a centrepiece of greenery and scatter tiny white, gift-wrapped boxes, with lime green and aqua ribbon, throughout. Place a display of two or three different sized lavender pillar candles in the middle of your greenery to add balance and form.


Large rugs that are square or rectangular, and plain, will allow you to continue the flow of squares and unity. Lavender or aqua strips that outline the rug will further compliment your sophisticated colours. Use tall, triangular shaped Christmas trees for background in either teal or white, and dot with tiny lights of the opposite colour. The tricky part is to keep your balancing act of the right amount of colour and form. Too much of one colour can end up being too dominating, plus keeping everything in proportion, can be difficult. Your florist can give you several ideas on how to use sophisticated colour and balance in creating a Christmas atmosphere. After your room is complete, you will feel the splendour that comes from stepping into refined beauty. More importantly, guests will be amazed at your creative endeavour in creating just the right Christmas sophistication.

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