Dare to be different this christmas 1: modern homely comforts

The traditional evergreen tree and elaborate trimmings, do not have to be a must, in order to celebrate the holiday season. Simple but cosy ideas can be used that highlight your home in a less formal style, but still present dramatic results. A creative and quaint atmosphere will be none-the-less for holiday joy, surrounding your family with the reason for the season.

New Definition of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is merely a symbol of a holiday with special meaning. However, a tall tree can also be a dangerous attraction to pets and small ones. Artificial trees have already given way to the real thing, and taking this point one step further, doesn't change the tradition of love and peace. Involve the family in making your own memorable tree out of odds and ends and recyclable materials, and the message of Christmas will sing loud and clear. You will feel more comfortable with a tree that is kid and pet friendly that everyone can enjoy.

Bows, Bulbs and Bears

Find an old camera tripod or anything sturdy, such as PV tubing, to make a triangular base that tapers off to a point, for your small tree. Use ribbon to wrap around the tripod in even intervals. Velvet, sateen, or old fabric strips can be used to make bows and placed on the corners. Wrap old bulbs in designer colours of black and white, or intriguing stripes or flowers, and hang in groupings from the ribbon. Top with an old favourite Christmas symbol and you will have a creative, new tradition. Because your tree will be small enough to sit in the midst of your family, consider large rugs, resembling bear-skin hide or other natural furry animals, to drape over furniture or spread out beside the tree.

Kids will delight in sitting next to their festive design and remember the soft, warm feel of the 'Christmas rug'. The holiday season of Christmas will take on a fresh, new glow when the whole family is involved. The warm, homely feel will stay with young ones for many years to come. Change ideas from one year to the next to allow creative ideas to continue flowing. Keep the 'Christmas rug' as the one traditional piece that will tie everything together with the old and new, forming warm memories of the season.

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